Koko and Miko™ were created by Hima, a creative designer who started her journey into character design doing webtoons, to accompany children through their growing, development and learning years. From newborn to their first step and beyond, we aim to accompany children through their exciting journey of learning and exploration.

Koko and Miko™ are childhood friends. They grew up together since they were young. Koko is known to be more active and cheerful than Miko. Koko loves pasta while Miko likes pancakes. Koko’s birthday falls on 9th June. He is a male grey and white tuxedo cat with three stripes on his forehead and his tail. Miko’s birthday falls on 1st December. She is a female cream and white-colored Ragamuffin with blue eyes. She is more elegant and gentle.

Koko & Miko's Brand Values

Japanese children learn from a young age that human fulfilment comes from close association with others. Children learn from young that they are part of an interdependent society, beginning in the family and later extending to larger groups such as neighbourhood, school, community, and workplace. Dependence on others is a natural part of the human condition.

Influenced heavily by much-cherished Japanese values such as Interdependence, Politeness and Respect, Koko & Miko™️ hopes to introduce these values into the modern, hectic lifestyles by creating quality family-oriented products designed with love, while promoting working and spending time with one another.